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The CraigMUN conference was first hosted by Craighouse School in 2018. It has since grown and progressed to accommodate more delegates and student officers, alongside a growing team of motivated club members. Its goal has always been to expand Model United Nations within Chile and involve more institutions into this exciting form of debate and discussion. Although the world is currently experiencing a health crisis like none other, the Craighouse MUN & Debate club is committed to continuing with CraigMUN on an online platform. We hope to take advantage of the flexibility that these kinds of discussions offer, and involve as many students as possible in our event. 

CraigMUN 2020 is scheduled to take place on the 2nd and 3rd of October, which will be a Friday and a Saturday. We will be organizing all the committees as separate servers within the Discord program. All the information with regards to the issues, schedule, Discord, and additional resources will be added to the website, leading up to the conference. We have attached a contact form to the site, where you may express any doubts or concerns with regards to the conference. 

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